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Cast Partial Denture

Losing milk teeth is an exciting rite of passage for every child. Growing up, most of us waited for our milk teeth to fall out. After all, each tooth was a chance to ask the tooth fairy for a wish!! But if it were to happen to us in our youth, the only wish we would probably make would be a new set of teeth. More often than not, it is the elderly who face this problem. Holding onto youth is human psychology and the same goes for the aged but complete teeth loss drastically changes their appearance. Sagging cheeks and an over bite can add years to a person's appearance. For them, Cast Partial Denture can be a god sent or shall we say tooth fairy sent!! Dentures are equally applicable for people who may have lost a couple of their teeth as a result of some periodontal disease or trauma.

What are Cast Partial Denture ?
Cast Partial Denturehave been a popular dental practice for many years. Cosmetic Dentures are artificial removable devices constructed to replace missing teeth. They are supported by nearby soft and hard tissues of the mouth.

Types of Cast Partial Denture
1. Complete or full dentures are for patients who are missing all of their teeth in either one of the arches or both.
2. Removable Partial dentures are for those people who are missing a couple of their teeth or are left with only two on either side of the arch. Removable partial dentures or RPDs are an inexpensive way to make up for teeth loss. There are different kinds of removable partial dentures or RPDs. There are flippers, Cast Metal, flexible framework and Valplast dentures to name a few.
Benefits of getting cosmetic dentures
Besides restoring the aesthetic value of a person's face, dentures also have some significant benefits from an orthodontic point of view.
When we loose some of our teeth, the remaining few shift out of normal position and start sagging inwards leading to a misalignment. Wearing dentures prevents this.