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Children`s Dentistry

Most dentists agree that parents should stress the importance of good oral hygiene to their children. While most parents may take their children in for their first dental visit when they are around three years of age, it is notable that less attention is paid to the dental needs of children when compared to those of adults

Providing Adequate Dental Care for Infants
While most parents may cater to the dental needs of their young children, often the subject is neglected when it comes to infants. The common misconception being that infants only take soft foods which do not harm their teeth in any way. If the infant's dental hygiene is neglected, it may become a problem in the infant's mouth and tooth development. To foster adequate dental hygiene in infants, parents are advised to properly wipe the infant's mouth and gums to remove any bacteria.

Kids Dentistry
A Children’s Dentistrywill agree that the child should be taught how to brush their own teeth when they are around two to three years of age. This practice is best cultivated in the child if the parent starts off by brushing the child's teeth and later encourages them to practice on their own. It is important to remember that when one is training the child on oral hygiene, the process may not always be smooth. However, bit by bit, the child will take up an effective oral hygiene routine. The appropriate time to start scheduling regular visits with a knowledgeable kid's dentist would be when the child is around the age of three. The first visit would include a general examination of the child in terms of condition of the teeth and gums. Additionally, X-rays will be taken.