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Dental Crowns & Bridges

In the case of a missing tooth, a Dental Crowns Bridgeswill be the appropriate solution. With a bridge, two crowns are placed on top of the teeth on the left and right side of the absent tooth. The crowns will be connected to a false tooth which will fit into the space which is left by the missing tooth.

How Much Will it Cost to Wear These Corrective Treatments?
The cost of these corrective alternatives depends on the gravity of the problem. A dental crown can usually cost $750, however it can go as high up as $3000. As for dental bridges, these typically cost between a thousand dollars or more, for every tooth. How much more it will cost depends on how complex the dental situation is.

The Benefits of Wearing These Corrective Treatments
Having broken or missing teeth can significantly affect a person's smile, and more importantly, their ability to chew food properly, so it is important that this be prevented by immediately correcting the problem with dental crowns and bridges. For a person who once had a broken or missing tooth, wearing a crown or bridge will improve the way he chews his food and will allow him to speak properly. With a dental crown, you will be able to save, protect and strengthen a tooth that has already been damaged. drloddmahendrais a team of dentists in Chennai.drloddmahendradentists provide various dental procedures at the most competitive prices and have a reputation of being the most affordable dentists in the city of Chennai. For more information visit