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Dental Surgery

For a lot of patients, a Dental surgery is one of those things that fall somewhere in between a real surgery and an extended dental appointment. However, in reality, Dental surgery is just as important as any other body operation and you must take proper precautions to ensure that the surgical process is completed without any complication. So, if you have an upcoming oral surgery, follow the given steps to prepare yourself.

# Be fully informed about the surgery

Unless you are having an emergency surgery, schedule an appointment with your oral surgeon or dentist to completely understand the reasons for the surgical procedure. Also, do not hesitate to find out about the benefits and risks associated with the procedure. During the consultation, your dentist will even inform you about the medicines that you must avoid in the weeks before the surgery.

# Bring someone along
Since a lot of patients do not even consider dental surgery Putney as a real surgery, they come on their own. They think that they will be able to return home on their own once the procedure is over. Coming on your own is a huge mistake, especially if you are getting sedation. Anesthesia can seriously interfere with your judgment, which can make it extremely unsafe for you to operate a vehicle or travel in any public transportation. In case you cannot bring someone with you to take you home, you can speak to your dentist and ask if it is alright for you to wait in the clinic till you are fit to drive.

# Avoid eating or drinking before the surgery
In case you are going to be sedated during the procedure, it is best to fast. You must even avoid drinking water after midnight of the evening before your oral surgery. This will help in reducing the risk of aspiration, which is a rare complication of anesthesia that fills the lungs with the contents found in the stomach.

# Carry a box with you
If you have dentures or plates, you can bring a box where you will be able to store your plates or dentures whilst the procedure is being performed. This will help you to avoid confusion after the surgery has completed.

# Wear loose clothes
You are advised to wear comfortable, loose clothes for surgery. If your dentist have already informed you about sedation, then you are advised to wear clothes with short sleeves so that the nurses are able to give you IV, check your vital signs or put blood pressure cuffs to monitor you throughout the procedure. It is always best to arrive early on the day of your surgery. This will give you time to complete last-minute paperwork, if any. Also, you are going to have enough time to calm and relax yourself before the surgical procedure commences.